I actually got into CrossFit by chance. Shortly after I got married, I wanted to lose weight and be a healthier person, and didn’t want to go back to a generic, traditional gym setting. Those traditional gyms always bored me. So I googled gyms in the area, and CF Mahopac came up first. I signed up for an intro, and Eli walked me through what CrossFit is about, and introduced me to the lovely world of wall balls and burpees for my very first WOD. I’ve been with CFM ever since my introductory class five years ago
CrossFit has essentially created a balance in my life. Between working towards my Bachelor’s and juggling a 40+ hour work week, coming to CFM helped me clear my mind when I had writer’s block for term papers, and helped burn off steam from a hectic shift at work. And it’s not only about going in, crushing a workout, and calling it a day. The community is what makes CFM unique. I am blessed to have these athletes and coaches in my life, because we are all here to have fun together and laugh while working together to achieve a level of fitness.
Coaching to me means caring for our athletes, their safety, and making fitness fun for them! As a coach in training, it is so rewarding to watch someone learn a skill or achieve a personal record. I want to be a coach to help others achieve another level of fitness, while having fun around an awesome community that builds each other up. Also to encourage others that THEY CAN. As an athlete that walked through the doors nearly five years ago and barely knew how beneficial clean eating and functional movements are to our health, I want to help encourage others that this is possible!


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