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I got into fitness when I was younger and it was just something that I always stuck with. Whether it was running laps, or hitting weights and following whatever “Arnold” said, I did it.
Fast forward through years of sports and lifting weights to my last couple years in the Army, I picked up a new training style… CrossFit. I was resistant at first. I didn’t understand how someone could get “BIG” by doing a workout in 8 minutes? Once I submitted to the fact that I knew nothing about CrossFit and wanted to expand my training experience I signed up for the Level 1 cert. This was such an eye opener! Here I was, one of the bigger guys at the cert and could not finish the workout in the given time requirement… I never went back to my old ways. I began chasing excellence with my fitness. This mentality fit perfect with the mentality of my position in the military as well.
CrossFit has changed my body, changed my nutrition, and changed my way of thinking about health.
I’ve accomplished so much more physically through this training than I ever had doing the traditional gym routine. It has allowed me to present the best material and training method to people so I can change as many lives as possible.
Coaching for me is my way of helping others find their better selves. I know I can help so many people improve their lives through health and fitness. Coaching feeds that addiction I have to help people one on one.
Starting Elite Progression is a continuation of the “Elite” level experience that I received in the military through training and operations and I’ve applied this experience to fitness, my life passion.
I look forward every day to helping someone reach that new level of fitness or learn something new that can benefit them.


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2
  • First Aid/CPR

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