Keeping things constantly varied in your training is a great way to ensure you reach a higher level of fitness.

Constantly Varied in your nutrition is also a great way to ensure we are “fueling” our bodies properly for our activity.

Our workouts demand different energy pathways on different days. Eating the same thing for all workouts can
leave us feeling weak, sluggish, or missing an opportunity for getting the best results.

FUEL OF the DAY is going to guide you towards the right types of foods, proportions, and timing.
This way you are fueled for the right activity, perform your best, and look and feel your best!


These are days where we get to slow things down, focus more on technique or moving weight.
The energy pathway recruited here comes primarily from readily available ATP.
Fueling our bodies with protein (or amino acids) and some healthy fats will keep our muscles primed and
our brains focused!


These are workouts that don’t burn but take it out of you!
They are longer, over 12 minutes, and keep you in a steady burn state.
Fueling with a healthy fat can trigger our bodies to burn more fat and moving longer!


Metabolic Conditioning workouts use multiple energy pathways.
These workouts have a lot of repetition, jack our heart rate up, make our muscles burn,
and get us GREAT results.
Proper fueling for this is critical in order for us to feel like we can last, our engine is running on ALL cylinders,
and leave us feeling great afterwards.
Protein (amino acids) and Carbohydrates will keep your muscles primed and ready!

The numbers in the table below represent portion size for males and females.
Use/download/print this Portion Size Guide to EASILY know what a portion is for YOU.


How to Fuel Up PRE and POST