Well Done athletes!  My hat goes off to you all.
You took on the CrossFit Games Open 2016.
The seasons beginning to the crowning of “The Fittest On Earth”.

Now, of course we all entered the Open not expecting to make it to the Games.
But something just as important – To make ourselves BETTER.
These workouts are tests of fitness on a world scale.  Just think about that for a second…

The NYC Marathon, largest marathon in the world,  last year had over 50,000 finishers.

The CF Games Open has around 300,000 participants and the best part is anyone can do it.
People of all walks of life sign up for the same very reason you did… To improve some aspect of their life and prove to themselves that they are capable of MORE.

Take a moment. Look back over the last 5 weeks.
Did you accomplish something you’ve never done?
Maybe do a workout faster, heavier, new movement, or just strengthen yourself mentally?

Give yourself and your fellow athletes a high five and fist bump for even signing up!
Putting yourself out there and striving to be better, nothing is more empowering.

Alright, that being said, the last 5 weeks, if you’ve noticed, have been rather intense with the volume, weight, and duration of WODs.  This week will be a de-load week.
Expect more mobilization, and skill practice.  WODs will be less intense in order to give our
bodies and nervous systems a little down time.

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