Ok Athletes, we are over a week into 2018 & finished with our “Skill Level Testing”… what have you learned?

  • “I suck at Fran”
  • “I am ONLY Level 1”
  • “I will NEVER get DUBs”
  • “I can’t do any of the workouts bc I don’t have Pull-Ups”
  • “All the weights were way to heavy for someone like me”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

What you learned was your weaknesses.. which is GOOD THING!

It’s actually a great thing.

Let’s refer to a quote from Ben Bergeron (Coach of the 2015 & 2016 Fittest Woman on Earth- Katrin Davidsdottir)

“When Katrin and I find a weakness, we high five. I’ve never seen anybody react better to being beat in a workout than her. Because she knows that once we find a weakness, we can work on it.”

That’s what is so awesome about CrossFit… you constantly have something to work on, something to strive for & improve upon but you won’t improve without the effort, & without that passion. Which brings me to my main point…

I challenge you this year to come to the gym with a purpose… set a goal each time you walk into the gym.

We are all guilty of coming to the gym to just check off that box, myself included. Then we wonder why we haven’t mastered the Double-Under yet or why our chin just can’t quite get over that bar!

Start with small goals…

  • I will not die today
  • I will not take “breaks” mid workout
  • I will not put the bar down
  • I will not tell myself “I can’t” during the WOD

& then bump it up to those bigger goals…

  • I will do DUBs the whole time in the WOD
  • I will do RX weight
  • I will fuel myself properly for today’s WOD
  • I will do Pull-Ups today
  • I will go unbroken for all reps

But wait… we skipped a step…

HOW are we going to get to those goals…

This is where coming to the gym with a purpose comes in.

There is PLENTY of times I have walked into the box, been like ehh at the WOD and just went thru the motions. I got a sweat on, I was breathing heavily.. but I wasn’t giving it much heart.

This is NOT where the change will happen.

This is not what will help me get a muscle up, or that body weight C&J.

There has also been plenty of times I have asked myself, why can’t I go unbroken on the WOD?, why is my time not sub 5?, why is my snatch only XX#s?

For me it is the mental aspect of CF, for you I am sure it is something different, but for both of us, something needs to change.

So when you find out what you need to work on, make yourself a plan. A well thought out, detailed plan.

Don’t just wing it!


Come in on Sunday’s & get in some DUBs practice or work on your Pull-Ups, do some extra mobility at home, start Meal Prepping, don’t let that excuse & more importantly our brains get ahold of what you can achieve.

So again, I challenge everyone this year, each time they walk into the box have a goal in mind. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, have a specific goal, focus on it, practice it & make it happen.

I will leave you with another one of my favorite quotes from Greg Glassman- oh maybe you know him? the founder of CrossFit?

“No, it doesn’t ever get easier. You wouldn’t want it to either”

It will never “get easier” because if it did.. where’s the fun in that?!


You want change? Make 2018 the year you challenge yourself!

-Dana (C.I.T.)