Our Story

CF Mahopac and CF Pawling is not your regular gym. It is a School of Elite Fitness.

It was established to provide its members with a style of training designed to prepare anyone for any physical contingency, to provide you a way to unleash the inner athlete. While our workouts are tough, they are as equally educational. We provide members with a way to train not only the body but the mind as well. All workouts keep 3 important rules in mind: Use functional movements, keep it constantly varied, and perform them at high intensity.

Team Elite Progression athletes are just like you.

They range from corporate employees, police officers, mothers, former college athletes, to military personnel. With such a diverse background, they are all still looking for the same thing. A higher level of health and fitness. They are tired of the same boring gym routine. Giving so much of their time to commercial gyms with seeing very little results.

Our members are coached just like athletes.

We care about your success, and there is no more walking around the gym aimlessly without a purpose. Your CrossFit coach will guide you along a path to Elite Fitness. Ensuring that you track and measure your success and achieve the results you have set out for. Most importantly, athletes part of a CrossFit community also have fun. Training in groups builds camaraderie and competition. Our athletes push themselves to new levels and continuously make Personal Records in workouts and accomplish physical feats once thought impossible.  When you train with Team CF Mahopac and CF Pawling at CrossFit Mahopac you’re challenging your body, mind, and spirit.  Ultimately, improving your overall well being and your life.

What our program includes is core strength and conditioning.

Effective athletic training doesn’t require hours in a gym with restricting weight machines. But, with the use of body weight and gymnastic style movements, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, sprinting, rowing, and jumping rope, you can obtain a level of fitness never before achieved in regular gyms. Life demands many different skills at any given time. Our workouts constantly test you in the 10 physical domains of fitness: endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance.