Have you been talking about exercising for FOREVER. Yet, you still haven’t started?

What’s holding you back? What excuse have you told yourself? There are a few common reasons we’ve seen throughout the years, don’t let them hold you back from reaching goals you’ve set for yourself. The hardest part is committing to starting, once you do that, leave it to our Team of Coaches to help you reach those goals.

… I don’t have time.

We have classes Monday thru Sunday starting as early as 530 am and as late as 730 pm to accommodate your crazy schedule.

… I can’t afford it.

Our small group classes are capped at 10-15 people so you always have the individual attention you need. Imagine the feel of personal training for significantly less.

… I’m not in shape.

CrossFit is scalable to anyone, including if you have an injury. We’ve coached ages 5 to 70+ and many people with various injuries & surgeries. You don’t need to be in shape to start, you just need to start.

… I don’t know what I’m doing.

Our Team of Coaches are here to teach you everything. Every class is coached from beginning to end. We will walk you through the warm-up, skill and workout of the day. Our job is to get you a great workout while preventing injury, teaching you safe efficient movement & help you reach your goals.

Let us help you change your excuses to actions. Join us for our Open House Thursday 03/29, Friday 03/30 & Saturday 03/31. Check out our schedule & try a class out, on us.

If you have any questions we can be reached at .