My First Murph

By Coach Dana


Flashback to May 2014, I was merely only 6 months into CrossFit & still unsure of what I got myself into. Everyone at the gym was doing “Murph” on Memorial Day weekend so I was too!

I remember the day being insanely hot and I was a little nervous but my choice was already made. After the warm up, we choose our designated pull up bars…I most definitely had at least 2 bands wrapped around the bar & then I went & set up my spot for push-ups… on my knees.

I remember the 1st run & how it was hot as hell and I thought I was going to die- don’t we always think that? But the thing I remember the most is those push-ups… I also remember Jenna by my side cheering me on & not letting me give up.

A majority of you don’t know what the “Old Gym” at CFM was… it was cozy & narrow and it was mostly mats & a small section of carpet. (Yes CARPET… Eli what were you thinking back then?!) Don’t ask me why I chose to do 200 push-ups on the comfort of rug… I guess because I thought it was going to be soft? Guess not. I now kindly ask you to please refer to the picture of my knees. To this day I still have scars there. I guess it’s kind of cool to have scars from your first Murph. Something to always remember where you came from.

The purpose of this post isn’t to give you a play by play of May 26th, 2014. It’s to let you know that we all start somewhere, and quite honestly it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you started.

Back to 2018, you guys have seen me running with the vest the past few weeks because this year, my 5th time doing Murph I am finally doing it RX! Which leads me to my main point.. it took my 5 years to do what I am capable of doing inside the walls of the gym & I earned my right to do it.

So before you say the words..  “Oh but I didn’t go RX” or “I did it with bands so it doesn’t count” or “But I did them on my knees” … remind yourself; 1. It most certainly does count & 2. It’s OK to not go RX.

RX isn’t expected.. its earned! What IS expected is for you guys to show up & give it everything you got. Most especially during Hero WODs.

So when you see RX next to someone’s name with a kickass time- they earned that! RX = hard work, commitment, & time. Not to say you don’t work hard but if you want that you need to work for it. You need to put in deliberate practice on your weakest skill(s). Attend class even tho its your least favorite movement. Every movement in CF helps improve another movement. So when you skip out on a day programmed with Overhead Squats you are indirectly preventing yourself from improving your Snatch, Front Squat, & any movement that requires your core… oh so pretty much every single movement in CF. 

Don’t expect to be going RX this year, next year or ya know what… even ever.

Remember why you joined Elite Progression. It wasn’t to get better at CrossFit… it was to get better at life, to be a better human and sometimes I think a lot of us forget that. Be compassionate with yourself, for most of you you’re less than 24 months into your CrossFit journey. Enjoy the ride, don’t rush it.

Lastly, check your ego at door this month. Friday’s WODs aren’t for you. They are for the heroes that died for your freedom.

Come in, give it your all, & pay your respects with sweat.