We are excited to announce a new partnership with PALEOETHICS!

If the name looks familiar it may be because Paleoethics was recognized as the official nutritional sponsor of the CrossFit Games. They are a newer company that offers supplements made of 100% natural ingredients & free of space-wasting fillers & heavily processed substances. We are happy to be able to offer another option of supplements to our diverse community.

Dana has been an avid user of their protein powder for the last 9 months. So we decided to do some research on the rest of their products & see if this was something we would like to offer at the gym. We tested out a few of the products for the last few weeks.

Check out our opinions & reviews below:


Keith: I usually workout late afternoon, and taking a pre-workout at that time usually keeps me up at night from all the caffeine in most pre-workout’s formulas. Since Surge contains no caffeine I was really excited to give it a try. The ingredients that give you the energy are maca root, beet powder, bilberry extract, & bee pollen. The feeling that I get about 15 minutes after drinking, is a subtle surge of energy, pun intended. There is no spike & it keeps me going through my workout whether it’s a heavy lift or metcon. I feel great taking this product on a day to day basis since the ingredients are all natural. If your looking for a crazy spike in energy & the tingles, this product is not for you.

Dana: I agree with Keith… I am pretty sensitive to caffeine. 1 cup of coffee is good for the day for me. So a “pre-workout” was never something on my radar because most brands contain caffeine. I would be bouncing off the walls for days.. No one wants to see that. So I was intrigued by the Surge. It definitely gives me that extra boost of energy I need whether I am WODing in the AM or PM. The taste is different. I enjoy it, but if you crave that sugary sweet taste, it’s lacking in that department, but that is because it contains no artificial ingredients.


Rebuild Recover  

K: Rebuild Recover naturally replenishes your depleted electrolyte levels and leaves you feeling hydrated & restored after a tough WOD. It is packed with essential ingredients like glucose, amino acids, electrolytes & a little bit of protein to help you recover & get the most out of your workout. This one tastes like a firecracker ice pop!

D: I really loved the way this tasted! It definitely tastes like an ice pop (Keith stole that from me). I am looking forward to using this more often. Especially when the warmer weather sneaks up on us. That is usually when I feel dehydrated & looking for something like this to rehydrate myself, instead of guzzling down plain water.



Recovery Matrix 

K: I have been looking forward to this one every night before bed. It smells and tastes great.  Sleep is probably the most overlooked way to recover your body from the previous session and make the best of your next session. The Recovery Matrix provides a small amount of protein (vegan uses pea protein, and non-vegan uses beef protein), chamomile, magnesium, zinc, and other extracts that will help you get a better sleep. It comes in a nice tea formula that you mix with warm water & sip 45-60 minutes before bed.

D: This tea is awesome! It tastes so yummy & only a few sips in and you are feeling nice and relaxed and ready to cozy up for some ZzZz’s.




Super Serum Protein 

D: A little over a year ago I realized my body cannot handle “whey protein.” I actually stopped taking a protein supplement all together, until we went to the CF Games Regionals & I tried a sample. Since then I have been taking it post WOD (Chocolate mixed with almond milk) & most recently I started adding in an extra shake a day (Vanilla with some frozen fruit) I was excited to find an alternative protein powder that wasn’t plant based & was made from grass-fed beef. If you have a sensitive tummy like me, this is the best option out there. Both the Vanilla & Chocolate taste delicious!


We have a few of the products available at the gym this week so you guys can test them out. We are also taking pre-orders for our next order. Let us know if you have any questions.