Mental Toughness, warrior mindset, mindfulness, mentally strong. You are starting to see more and more people talking
and discussing how to use our minds more effectively to achieve our goals.
Well, wait a second… How are we not using them currently.  What is our brain doing up there?

I’ll paint two pictures:

First, let’s look at our current mental state.  Majority of us are walking around anxious.  In a fear driven state worried about a hundred different
daily stressors.  Stressors that can’t go away since they are a part of life. Ok. So how do we cope?  Occupy our brains with information. Lots of information! Social media, the ever fast paced news and television series, more busy work (busy doesn’t mean productive), and people that share the same anxiety as us which fuels our fears.  Great. Sounds like we are fighting an up hill battle.
Now multiply that against years of this way of thinking, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and inadequate exercise.  We. Are. Mentally. Weak.

Humans have evolved to this.  We weren’t always mental beaten down.  Think of our ancestors, your blood line that traces back hundreds and thousands of years ago.  Think of the stressors in their day to day… Things like; where will they eat next, how to not die from the cold in the winter, what happens if they get sick or injured, or eaten by a wild animal in the process of getting food.  Not as much entertainment as we have now,
but they were mentally TOUGH!

Second picture looks like the modern day mental warrior.  Has a daily morning routine that sets them up for a clear and calm mind going into work.
Allows only positive people to be involved with their mental energy. Eats whole foods that contribute to brain function and steady state of energy to prevent grogginess or irritability.  Regularly gets in some high intensity training to push past their “comfort zone”, giving them boosts of good hormones and endorphins. Practices meditation or “mindfulness” in order to quiet the noise and let thoughts just be without them effecting their decision making.
Practices breathing techniques in order to reset the body and boost immune function.  Most importantly, they are not afraid to try new and hard tasks.

Does that second picture immediately look unattainable?
If you answered yes, then you are in the first picture.

How do we transform into that mental warrior?
It’s not easy.  In all honesty it’s probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done.
You will be going up against, your own mind.  And it’s a crafty little bastard!

The mind is very capable of changing from the weak to the tough. Despite how engrained these weak traits and habits may be.
And just like anything else it will take practice, time and persistence.

So, where do we start?
Go out and sign up for yoga, buy books on breathing, clean out the pantry, and download that new meditation app?
Nah.  Slow it down.

First thing that MUST  happen when you are taking on the MENTAL TOUGHNESS battle is to stop and face your mind.
DO NOT try to throw tools and programs at it just yet.
Face yourself and accept where you are currently.
If that’s anxious. Then accept it.
If you are always afraid and run on fear. Accept it.
If you are a scatter brain and can’t focus. Accept it.

If you can accept your current situation, you can take all the responsibility and take all the power to make the change!

With the power of change in your hands and with your mind on board, things will start to come easier.
Choosing the next tool to help you achieve mental toughness might be confusing, so reach out to your nearest Coach for guidance.

*For more information on developing mental toughness from your resident former green beret, contact us.