Have you accepted the fact that you might not be as mentally tough as you thought or want to be yet?

Do you day dream of being a mental badass that can take on challenges and push your limits and accomplish them?

Or have you allowed the fear monkey to whisper doubt and stir up anxiety with just the slightest thought of doing a workout?

Getting your mind right is a long long process. Your mind is built to protect you and also built to allow you to thrive and prosper.
So which side do we listen to?  When is it safe to push the boundaries and when do I call it a day and throttle back?

All these questions are figured out ONLY through experience.  The first humans didn’t know fire was hot till they burned themselves.
The first cars didn’t have seat-belts until there became a need to save lives. And you won’t know what your are physically capable of until
you push your body. Period!

Luckily, at Elite Progression and through CrossFit HQ we hold yearly competitions and tests to find out.  Remember the whole observable, measurable and repeatable thing about your training?  Testing allows you to see if your training is creating change in the body and the MIND.
Nothing can highlight these changes more than the CrossFit Open!

Now, let’s say half of you signed up for the open and the other half did not. We are all doing the workouts. But for those that are signed up, there is something different when you start the WOD.  There is this little thing on the line that you can’t shake.  Competition naturally brings out that primal side
of us that says, “you either FIGHT or you FAIL”, and No one likes failing! What seems as simple as just another workout has now turned into not only a test of our training from the year, but a test of our mental will to survive.  We don’t get this test any where else in life. What a Great opportunity!

Ok, let’s take it a step further.  Let us look at how we are mentally preparing for these “tests”.
Modern anxious brain is worried, scared they can’t do something, afraid to look silly, scared they can’t finish or might even fail. They talk about what they can’t do, how it’s going to suck, and blah blah blah all the other weakness they feel.
Ancient primal brain doesn’t think.  It acts.  It falls back on its training and instincts and executes.  Regardless if there was a chance of failure.
They generally don’t speak, they keep quiet not of fear but of focus. Ready to go.  They talk about how fun it will be and make war cries the moment the bell goes off.  They tend to stare blankly only concerned with what they are about to do and not what is ahead of them in the future.
We fall into one of these two categories.  And here is a little secret, we ALL have the ancient primal brain somewhere inside of us.

Learning and practicing to turn OFF that modern fearful brain and go into the more primal action brain can elicit better results in performance not to mention less overall stress.  Less overall stress equates to less cortisol in the body and we all know why that’s beneficial.

Wrapping it up.  Getting your MIND RIGHT before you do the next CF Open WOD or before you do an Elite Progression Skill Level Test is paramount to performance and overall health. More so than what you ate the night before or how sore your muscle feel.
Take a different approach on the next one… Calm the mind by focusing on what you can do. Not what you  think you can’t do.
Stay away from people that talk about being scared and full of doubt, it only triggers our own doubts.
Talk about positive actions and how good it’s going to be to test.  Mass amounts of research has been done on positive self talk, the stuff works!
And be ready to surprise the shit-out-of yourself. Change and growth will quickly follow.