Through our experiences we develop mental toughness.  The voice inside of us that refuses to accept failure is what will create
the mind of a warrior.  Remove difficulty and hardship from our lives and we lack the stimulus needed to build resilience, grit, and mental

Last week we discussed what mental toughness looked like on a day to day basis.  We also came to the realization that in order for us
to start the process of becoming a little more mentally tough we would need to accept our current state if we were going to take control
and apply new practices towards change.

Now here we are.  Ready to make the first adjustment to becoming a mindful badass!
Shall we start with reading, yoga, breathing techniques, meditation?

Start with an experience that can change the body.

Short story…
Our military hands down has the best Special Operations community in the world.  Each branch (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) has their own Special Ops team that go through rigorous training in order to become Elite status.  In order to even be a candidate for this type of training you must prove yourself physically first.  Then after passing the required fitness tests, you’re then tested physically again to see if you can with stand the demands of their assessment phases of the training course.   Navy seals call this BUDS,  Green Berets call this SFAS. What they don’t tell you is, what seems like ridiculous physical events, are actually also mental events. At the end of their training these men are absolute warriors in every sense.

See we can have the perfect book, the best yoga instructor, or the coolest meditation app. But if we don’t give the mind something to experience
THROUGH THE BODY. Very rarely will this create the mental toughness that we are capable of achieving.

We would only create knowledge. Which is great and very necessary.
When we add experiences through the body, the mind changes. It finds new ways to connect with the body. It forces it to focus. To endure. To adapt.
These are the traits of some of our militaries best.

Now we might not be looking to join the service, but training our mind in the same fashion as Special Forces will prepare us to be mentally tough
to handle a tough day at the office. Guaranteed.

Find a means to push your body to unchartered territories. Get involved with high intensity functional training.  Join a community that doesn’t mind
pushing their limits and supports each other in the process.
Through these experiences will you find the next step into becoming mentally tough!