Did you know the average person takes about 5,000 to 7,000 steps per day.
According to the Fitbit tracker, 2000 steps averages to 1 mile.
So 10,000 steps would be 5 miles.

Now while that may be a pretty cool accomplishment for the average sedentary person, does that make them fitter?

Will walking alone 10000 or more everyday make YOU more fit?


Here are just a few things to think about before assuming you are on your way to the best shape of your life
with your new step tracker…

1. How long did it take me to accumulate those 10,000 steps?
2. What foods did I consume in the day that it took me to walk that distance?
3. How fit am I now and did the 10000 steps create a challenge for me?

  1. Make sure you strive to complete those steps faster. Or even learn to run the 5 miles and improve your time there.       Running will create higher levels of fitness over walking.

    2. If you think walking Disney World all weekend tallying up 25,000 steps was a workout, don’t forget about the funnel cake, burgers, and alcohol you consumed throughout the day as well. You can’t out walk a bad diet!

    3. If you are fresh off the couch, 5 miles will be a challenge. And congrats for accomplishing that distance!
    However, if you are a year or more into a fitness regime, walking 10,000 steps should be normal.
    Fitness isn’t created by doing normal stuff. Push your body into an uncomfortable place and watch how fit you can/will become.