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I got into fitness when I was younger and it was just something that I always stuck with. Whether it was running laps, or hitting weights and following whatever “Arnold” said, I did it.
Fast forward through years of sports and lifting weights to my last couple years in the Army, I picked up a new training style… CrossFit. I was resistant at first. I didn’t understand how someone could get “BIG” by doing a workout in 8 minutes? Once I submitted to the fact that I knew nothing about CrossFit and wanted to expand my training experience I signed up for the Level 1 cert. This was such an eye opener! Here I was, one of the bigger guys at the cert and could not finish the workout in the given time requirement… I never went back to my old ways. I began chasing excellence with my fitness. This mentality fit perfect with the mentality of my position in the military as well.
CrossFit has changed my body, changed my nutrition, and changed my way of thinking about health.
I’ve accomplished so much more physically through this training than I ever had doing the traditional gym routine. It has allowed me to present the best material and training method to people so I can change as many lives as possible.
Coaching for me is my way of helping others find their better selves. I know I can help so many people improve their lives through health and fitness. Coaching feeds that addiction I have to help people one on one.
Starting Elite Progression is a continuation of the “Elite” level experience that I received in the military through training and operations and I’ve applied this experience to fitness, my life passion.
I look forward every day to helping someone reach that new level of fitness or learn something new that can benefit them.


BA in Movement and Sports Science/ Physical Education
Masters in Health and Wellness
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Kids
CPR/AED and First Aid
USA Weightlifting

I started doing CrossFit in 2011, following a conversation and a workout with a good friend, who had been training with the Marines. This was my first exposure to CrossFit, and looking back now, I had no idea how this conversation would positively impact my life and the lives of many people around me.
After joining CrossFit Mahopac and then getting my CF Level 1 cert, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to someday open my own CrossFit affiliate and share my knowledge and experience.
Now my passion in life is to share my enthusiasm for a healthy and fulfilling life with as many people as possible!


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics

I actually got into CrossFit by chance. Shortly after I got married, I wanted to lose weight and be a healthier person, and didn’t want to go back to a generic, traditional gym setting. Those traditional gyms always bored me. So I googled gyms in the area, and CF Mahopac came up first. I signed up for an intro, and Eli walked me through what CrossFit is about, and introduced me to the lovely world of wall balls and burpees for my very first WOD. I’ve been with CFM ever since my introductory class five years ago
CrossFit has essentially created a balance in my life. Between working towards my Bachelor’s and juggling a 40+ hour work week, coming to CFM helped me clear my mind when I had writer’s block for term papers, and helped burn off steam from a hectic shift at work. And it’s not only about going in, crushing a workout, and calling it a day. The community is what makes CFM unique. I am blessed to have these athletes and coaches in my life, because we are all here to have fun together and laugh while working together to achieve a level of fitness.
Coaching to me means caring for our athletes, their safety, and making fitness fun for them! As a coach in training, it is so rewarding to watch someone learn a skill or achieve a personal record. I want to be a coach to help others achieve another level of fitness, while having fun around an awesome community that builds each other up. Also to encourage others that THEY CAN. As an athlete that walked through the doors nearly five years ago and barely knew how beneficial clean eating and functional movements are to our health, I want to help encourage others that this is possible!


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CrossFit Kids

I started CrossFit when I got bored at the local global gym. I heard about this new crazy type of workout & decided to check it out. I’ve been hooked ever since.
Being ‘fit’ to me more than just physical appearance. Fitness in a CrossFit setting is measurable. Each day I can see how much stronger/faster/better I’ve gotten than the days & weeks & years before. My mind is the one thing that has benefited the most from CrossFit. Mentally I never been stronger than ever.
Being a coach means I can help other people become a better version of themselves, reach their goals, see strength in themselves physically & mentally, and believe in themselves like never before.
I love watching the smile on athletes faces when they reach a PR (personal record). Every small accomplishment leads to bigger ones!


CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Scaling Course
The Starrett Method Movement & Mobility 101
Krav Maga Instructor
NY State EMT

I have been into fitness my whole life whether it was playing soccer, football or wrestling as well as lifting weights. I got in to CrossFit after hearing about it from a friend of mine and once I tried it I was hooked. It has gotten me back in shape and I feel faster, stronger and more flexible than I have in a long time.

I feel like being a coach is not just someone who writes the workout on a board or cheers people or is just there to keep time. A coach has to be able to explain the How and Why something is done a certain way and motivate the athlete to WANT to do their best, not just go through the motions to get it over with and move on. The athletes should be looking forward to coming to a class to learn new things or perfect things they have been doing already and not just showing up because they feel they have to.

At Elite Progression, I strive to make athletes want to come back again and again because the class was informative and fun at the same time. This is when I feel accomplished as a coach.


Crossfit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
Licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist
Precision Nutrition L1
Crossfit Mobility
ISSA certified Personal Trainer

Four and half years ago, I was introduced to this exercise program that I had never heard of before. At the time, I was only running occasionally, but that was about it. I was never a serious athlete, I never did exercise regularly, I had never lifted weights before and I really just didn’t like working out, so CrossFit was intimidating. However, I felt I needed a change, so I ignored my fears & walked into the local box to signup. I was instantly hooked after the first class. Little did I know then, that CrossFit would change my life drastically. Not only did it show me that I was capable of so much more than I ever thought was possible both mentally and physically, but it also showed me that I want to inspire people to find that same health, fitness and happiness. As a coach I want to help as many people as possible find their inner athlete, discover their strengths and develop their confidence.
When I started coaching, I realized that that feeling, that happiness, in watching people find something in themselves that they never knew was there before is WHY I coach… There is not a single thing on this planet that feels better than helping someone, than seeing people succeed beyond what they ever thought they were capable of doing, and I want to see that every single day.