I’m going to go with the ‘ol cliché here….I can’t believe it’s been a year since the official opening of CrossFit Pawling!

It feels like yesterday the coaches & myself were painting and helping put the gym together. We can’t forget the night Eli and I spent 3 hours roaming Home Depot while our wives & friends moved the rig about 5 times trying to find the best spot for it, but that’s a story for another day.

What makes a CrossFit gym isn’t the rubber floors, walls, or even the equipment. It is the people you find within those walls. The reason I love CFP so much is for the same reason I love CF in general. Sure we work out, sweat, curse & roll around in pain after a tough wod, high-five and smile afterwards, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s about the community we have become. Some people on the outside may call us a cult, but it feels a lot more like a family to me.

When a new member joins the gym, you guys always continue to amaze me by immediately making them feel like one of us. It makes me proud when I see the entire class (& next class coming in) cheering for one another to get that last rep or finish the WOD… and even more proud when someone who has finished the WOD hops back in to the workout so “no one finishes alone.”

Within 1 year there has been so many firsts for our community, I can’t even count. First days, first double-unders, first pull-ups, first nanos/metcons, first holiday party, bowling night, & there has been many more PRs, friendships made, fundraisers, team hikes, and laughs.

I feel extremely fortunate that on a day-to-day basis I get to see people achieve their goals, and things they never thought possible. I’ve seen people change their lives and that is exactly the reason we chose to open CFP.

I want to thank all of you, our members, our coaches, our family.. for making CFP what it is today!

Here’s to many more years together!

-Coach Keith


August Athlete Spotlight

August Athlete Spotlight: Michelle










Michelle is a mother to a cute little guy named Noah. She joined CFP early Spring & has been nothing but an honor to have in our community. She has been busting her @$$ this Summer.. coming to class almost everyday and attending Sunday’s Open Gym to work on her Snatch. She has been consistently putting in the work & it shows. She always walks into the gym with a positive attitude and you can find her cheering on every last one of her classmates during the WOD.

Usual Class Time: 9:00am in the summer & 4:30 during school
What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? I wanted to get back into shape after having my son, and also having just moved out this way I wanted to have the opportunity to meet new people. (and what better way to meet people than to fall on your butt in front of them while trying to do a squat clean…)
What was your first impression? How has that changed? After my baseline workout I was humbled/terrified, I didn’t realize how out of shape I had become, and was definitely worried about starting over. But I’m not afraid of the WODs anymore (even the running ones) and the coaches and other members have been so helpful and supportive. I really do love it here!
What was your first awesome moment? The first time I hit a lift at my pre-baby 1RM, squat snatch, I really began to think I was going to be able to do this
What are you working on now? Pull ups
What’s your favorite Elite Progression memory? WODing for SuperTy, everyone really came together for a great cause (and I’m pretty sure Keith almost had to do 300 burpees alone)
What are your words to live by? Life is all about finding your balance; don’t focus so much on one aspect that you forget the others
What is your favorite & least favorite movement? Favorite movement is the Snatch, my least favorite is Thrusters (ick!)
What would you tell someone who was interested in joining CF? Don’t be scared, everything is scalable and whether you’re working with 200lbs or 20lbs everyone is going to cheer you on and support you. It’ll be fun, I promise 😉 I’ve been to a lot of places, and CrossFit EP is at the top of the list for so many reasons.




June Athlete Spotlight

June Athlete Spotlight: Paula



Paula is a Mahopac Middle School Reading teacher and a full time hockey/baseball Mom to her son Christopher. A majority of the time you can find her running around getting her son to practices, tournaments, playoff games etc. (that she loves to watch him at) but recently she has found some time for herself!

Paula started out with Coach Keith doing PT in order to ramp up for WBBC. During that time she struggled with running. Now you can find her running the 400m loop after every CF class! She is one of the hardest working Athletes at our gym. She is also the friendliest, nicest & most selfless person we have ever met! She always has a smile on her face, she always has a calming aura around her and she always puts a smile on all of her coaches’ faces when she enters the box.

Name: Paula Frey

Usual Class Time: 4:30PM, 5:30PM and currently living the teacher’s dream- 9AM/10AM in Pawling

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

My sister-in-law, Lindsay, had such positive things to say & I thought I would give it a try.  I first eased into it slowly with private sessions with Keith. Then began Boot Camp and went right into CrossFit.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

My first impression of CrossFit reminded me of some type of word puzzle with all the boards up and lingo that I had no idea what it was, i.e. WOD, AMRAP, 3×3? Now I actually know what it means!

What was your first awesome moment?

An awesome moment was when my son came to a class and ran with me and encouraged me to step it up!  Another awesome day was at the Operation Elite Progression competition when I PR’d my front squat!! And of course the WODing for SuperTY!

What are you working on now?

I am currently trying to run, run, run. I really struggle with my running. I am working on my breathing and trying to lengthen my stride.

What’s your favorite Elite Progression memory?

I would have to say that Boot Camp would be one of my favorite memories. We truly all came together to help and support each other. It has carried over into our crossfit classes…but I truly enjoy seeing my brother and sister in law in the classes that I take!

What are your word’s to live by?

“Slow and Steady”

What is your favorite & least favorite movement?

If I had to pick a favorite it would be squats. My least favorite movement are burpees of course.

What would you tell someone who was interested in joining CF?

They have nothing to lose, try it a couple of times you will love it!


Photo Credit: Everyday Lifters


A Big “FAT” Lie!

A Big “FAT” Lie!

Some of you might have seen some articles going around the Internet/Social Media. The basis of the article states that the “American Heart Association” is claiming that coconut oil, fat from meat, and butter is “bad” for you and we should replace these with “healthy” fats from vegetable oil & corn oil.

We are going to break down why this absolutely baffles us and why we smell corruption in the food industry yet again.

First, let’s discuss why these so called healthy vegetable oils and corn oils are actually poison to your body.

Vegetable oil and corn oil are highly processed. Here’s exactly how that’s done (in simple terms)

  1. Heat the seeds (yeah seeds, not even vegetables) to an extreme temperature making the oil rancid & harmful
  2. Process with petroleum solvent to extract oils
  3. Heat again to remove wax build up
  4. Add some more chemicals to eliminate odors

In contrary to the latest articles and “research”, our bodies need saturated fat, not polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s). Think about this, you can not consume vegetable oils raw, which should give you the first idea that they aren’t healthy. We need to heat them which immediately oxidizes them and renders them rancid which causes inflammation and mutation of cells.  Saturated fats, butter, coconut oil, & animal fats are stronger fats that don’t break down at high temperatures.

Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio:  PUFA’s are high in Omega 6, which are inflammatory and lead to cardiovascular disease. In the US, we have the highest PUFA/Omega 6 diet in the World. We also have the most deaths caused by cardiovascular disease.

Let’s look at our ancestors for a further answer. When they ate meat do you think they cut away the fat saying that’s going to give me heart disease? No, they ate EVERYTHING. There is NO evidence of heart disease 20,000 years ago. The way we digest and use nutrients has not changed, so why should we change the food we eat? Why should we start eating processed man-made fats? It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Finally, many studies performed in the nutrition industry are funded by the big food companies and organizations.  These oil companies are losing money the more people become educated, so they start what is basically a rumor.  We also find it interesting that there was no citation of the research.

*This Link supports the facts in our post.

Memorial Day Murph

Each Memorial Day, Team Elite Progression (along with many other CrossFit boxes across the country & Military/LEO personnel) complete a workout called Murph. It is named after Lt. Michael P. Murphy a Navy Seal who lost his life in the line of duty. It is our way to honor those heroes who have lost their lives protecting our freedom.
This workout is not only physically tough, it is mentally challenging. When your body doesn’t want to go anymore, the reason behind it keeps you going.
1 mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

To all of our athletes…
Many of you were nervous going into this, not thinking you could complete something so difficult. You did your coaches proud!
We watched the determination & persistence in each of your eyes as you chipped away at this workout. You gave it your all. When you set your mind to it, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.



Athlete Spotlight: May 2017

Athlete Spotlight: May 2017


You usually can find Jaime  at our 730 pm class in Mahopac or kicking butt in CrossFit Lite. She is an ultrasound tech & ‘Mom’ to her cute little pup Sassy. Jaime is always pushing herself & never says ‘I can’t’. She always tries her hardest even when the task seems impossible. Watching her climb breakneck Ridge for the first time & completing her first ‘Murph’ are testaments that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
My weight was spinning out of control and I hated going to the “gym” because I never knew what to do when I got there. I wanted something I can stick with and have fun doing it.

What was your first impression?
My first impression was that I couldn’t handle these types of workouts because I was so out of shape but I kept with it and they got easier to handle.

What was your First “bright spot” (awesome moment)?
My first awesome moment with Crossfit was completing “Murph” last year. That was a real struggle but I completed the whole workout! A special thanks to those who pushed me to the finish line!!

What are you working on now?
I am working on clean eating and a pull up with less bands.

What’s your favorite Elite Progression memory?
I can’t pick one, too many! I love my CrossFit family because we have a blast all while getting our butts kicked day in and day out.

Hobbies outside of CrossFit?
I LOVE traveling. I also love hanging out with my nieces/dog and going on my quad.

Fav & Least fav movement?
My favorite is the deadlift and my least favorite would have to be the snatch. Oh and I hate burpees!

Advice for people looking to start?
Just do it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Prove people wrong and work on a healthier you.


WODing for SuperTy Pics!

WODing for SuperTy Pics!

WODing for SuperTy!

May 6th, 2017

Operation Elite Progression III

If there is one aspect of CrossFit that will definitely help you generate a great deal of results,
it has to be the competitiveness!

The results for each of us are different. They range from toning and losing body fat, to reaching a ridiculous heavy back squat or some cool unique gymnastic move.  But they are ALL equal!  And they can all be achieved with a little competitive sport.

Some of us played sports as kids, teens, and even young adults. Some of us have never thrown a ball ever.  Trust me, I’ve seen some of you!
But one thing is for certain that resides in ALL humans… The Competitive Edge.
That thing that goes off in our head and tells us to get ONE more rep, one more point,
fight to the last SECOND!
It’s a built in mechanism that helps us stay alive and prosper as a species. It’s also extremely handy at creating a little more of the “change” our bodies might need…

We know this is a highly effective and useful tool that EVERYONE can benefit from.
So naturally we bring  you our annual, in-house, competition – OPERATION ELITE PROGRESSION 3!

Every bit of how this competition will go down is made to HELP YOU GROW.  Stronger as an athlete.
More confident as a person. Stronger as a community and team.

We bring it in house to only Elite Progression athletes to allow for a friendly atmosphere.
Different divisions that allow for all to participate.
Multiple workouts that push you a little farther, not to break you, but to improve you.

Saturday, June 10th.

Sign up in the Team House TODAY!


Your inner gymnast can save a life, even your own.

Some of you might have noticed an extra amount of body weight skills this month.  Maybe you are new and are wondering why all the animal drills in a warm up.  Perhaps you just want a better understanding to the programming and why the emphasis on strict form…

                                 Well, it’s kind of my fault. My bad.

        One of my major goals since starting CrossFit was to build more upper body strength. And I was so happy to do strict pull-ups more confidently as I got stronger and took my training more seriously. Until, my shoulder got separated. Lost all that strength in one shot. BUT, if it wasn’t for CrossFit, I would have needed surgery.
I’ll be honest with you all, I still do struggle with pull-ups. Since recovering from my shoulder injury I sustained at work last winter, I have almost obsessed about training for pull-ups and dips. Reading material on it, stalking Instagram pages, taking Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet’s (former World’s Fittest Women) programming for a month, the list goes on.

I recently took The CrossFit Gymnastics Specialty course, not just to “torture” you guys more with weird warm ups, but so I can improve on your body weight movements as well. After regaining the majority of the strength I previously had in my shoulder, I wanted to really focus on kicking up my training more to reach my ultimate “CrossFit life” goal: the muscle up. If I can push myself to the limit to reach this ultimate goal, then I can definitely help succeed as a coach to help all of you “Be More Human”.

After setting this goal, it definitely means I have to dedicate myself to putting extra work at the box. Meaning, solo classes in between coaching, where I can focus on one movement, fix my form after reviewing video on my phone, and pushing myself through the same drills we now offer to you guys!

During that weekend at the specialty course, I learned an amazing amount of information. CrossFit in general has impacted my life greatly. But the information I gained during this course really put it in a more life-changing perspective.

In CrossFit, we do emphasize our movements from “core to extremity”. If you don’t focus on your core (like a foundation), your arms and legs are not going to work with you as efficiently. You might end up looking like a marionette being moved around by strings. Which, could look interesting, but also BAD for your joints.

The same goes for gymnastics movements. And in CrossFit, the term “gymnastics” refers mainly to all of our body weight movements. If you look at the CrossFit pyramid, gymnastics is actually the “core” of CrossFit, and can actually help improve your weightlifting.   Think about the snatch, gymnastics can help develop your coordination, flexibility, and strength; three important components of Olympic weightlifting.

Before we even think about dynamic movement (i.e. ‘kipping’), we must first emphasize on building strength first. I can justify this by applying gymnastic movement into real life situations. Think about applying a strict chest to bar pull-up or even a strict muscle up to climbing a high fence while running after or away from someone, a push-up while pushing a heavier person off of you when you’re pinned to the ground, or a strict handstand push up if you’re upside down in a confined space (heaven forbid a car accident). These are real-life examples we can apply these movements towards. Pilots during WWII underwent gymnastics training in case they had to eject from their planes, and needed to learn and train these necessary skills in case they found themselves in certain situations.

Talk about functional movement, huh? Fascinating!

I can personally say that I’ve applied what I learned in the box to actual situations I’ve experienced in the past few years as an EMT. And building that necessary (core) strength is essential to our survival. And since taking the gymnastics specialty course, I have become more aware of my physical self, focusing on my form both in and out of the box. It is amazing what our bodies are capable of despite “the suck” of having to perform such movements in our WODs. It can actually save your life, or help someone else in need one day.

~Coach Jess H.