A Big “FAT” Lie!

Some of you might have seen some articles going around the Internet/Social Media. The basis of the article states that the “American Heart Association” is claiming that coconut oil, fat from meat, and butter is “bad” for you and we should replace these with “healthy” fats from vegetable oil & corn oil.

We are going to break down why this absolutely baffles us and why we smell corruption in the food industry yet again.

First, let’s discuss why these so called healthy vegetable oils and corn oils are actually poison to your body.

Vegetable oil and corn oil are highly processed. Here’s exactly how that’s done (in simple terms)

  1. Heat the seeds (yeah seeds, not even vegetables) to an extreme temperature making the oil rancid & harmful
  2. Process with petroleum solvent to extract oils
  3. Heat again to remove wax build up
  4. Add some more chemicals to eliminate odors

In contrary to the latest articles and “research”, our bodies need saturated fat, not polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s). Think about this, you can not consume vegetable oils raw, which should give you the first idea that they aren’t healthy. We need to heat them which immediately oxidizes them and renders them rancid which causes inflammation and mutation of cells.  Saturated fats, butter, coconut oil, & animal fats are stronger fats that don’t break down at high temperatures.

Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio:  PUFA’s are high in Omega 6, which are inflammatory and lead to cardiovascular disease. In the US, we have the highest PUFA/Omega 6 diet in the World. We also have the most deaths caused by cardiovascular disease.

Let’s look at our ancestors for a further answer. When they ate meat do you think they cut away the fat saying that’s going to give me heart disease? No, they ate EVERYTHING. There is NO evidence of heart disease 20,000 years ago. The way we digest and use nutrients has not changed, so why should we change the food we eat? Why should we start eating processed man-made fats? It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Finally, many studies performed in the nutrition industry are funded by the big food companies and organizations.  These oil companies are losing money the more people become educated, so they start what is basically a rumor.  We also find it interesting that there was no citation of the research.

*This Link supports the facts in our post.