As a CrossFitter, whether your new or seasoned, you come to realize that the majority of the time, the hardest part about CrossFit is the mental aspect.
Yes, your body might be tired or fatigued to the point where you can’t complete a rep without resting, but nothing is more prominent than that voice in your head trying to talk you off the “edge of the cliff”.

I want to take a moment to recognize a couple of Athletes this month that have shown they can turn off that voice just long enough to accomplish some pretty awesome displays of fitness.  Frank P. and Jessica P., no relation. These two new CrossFitters have easily passed from Level 1 to Level 2. They demonstrated that they have the skill, strength, endurance, and determination to move up to the next level. They’ve accomplished in 30 days what might take some 6 months to do.

Congratulations to these two are in order. And when you seem them now in the new classes, be sure to follow their intensity! They have plenty of it!