Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Exactly 1 year ago today we started World’s Best Boot Camp Troop 016! I cannot believe it has already been that long since we started our first program at Elite Progression CFP/World’s Best Boot Camp– April 30th, 2016! I remember we had to rent out the gym at Mizzentop for our first Enlistment Day- we had hopes to move into the new spot shortly after but we all know how that went. So we ended up in “the old spot”. Same building, a few doors down.

The walls were painted/half painted about 5 different colors, there was multiple leaks in the ceilings, some sort of unidentified weird smell, & endless amounts of dust that just wouldn’t seem to go away! BUT lets not forget about that beautiful mural! What a view to look at during your 500m rows!

When we started CrossFit after Troop 016 we only had 2 rowers, 2 squat racks,  a few medicine balls, & 5 bars. But that’s all we needed to get started! Oh…and that damn timer that took 5 minutes to program before each WOD! That was a built in bathroom break.

I was scared that people would stop coming strictly because of the smell, let alone the look of the space. But… not one person ever complained. They came in with a smile and left with an even bigger one. That revealed that everyone who came thru the door was there for the right reasons- to work hard and get in shape with a highly motivated group. That is what CrossFit is all about. It’s not about how many double-unders you can do or how much weight you can deadlift. It’s about the community.  The people is really what CrossFit Pawling is, not the walls around us, or even the equipment we use. That is the reason why our community keeps growing. One member said it best at Bowling Night, “It’s like we’re a big club that just happens to work out together.” AKA a family!

I never could have imagined we would be what we are today.  I set forth to help people, but I was unaware of how great of an impact that would be. To literally change people’s lives, and even change their family’s lives. Thru all of this you have all changed my life as well.

It has been a pleasure to do this all with the help of my first CrossFit Coach, friend, & partner, Eli. As for our coaches & staff/friends, Lisa, Patsy, Jenna, & of course Dana, this place wouldn’t be half of what it is without them.

It has been one of the best and most memorable years of my life. So many memories like Phyllis deadlifting her first 100 lbs, Lindsay’s (many) stories of success, Henry coming back from a torn bicep & crushing The Open and Jenica doubling the reps in Deforges! She claims it was accidental but I know she just wanted more. Trust me, I have a memory about each of you and I am sure we will be making many more!

I promise to keep striving to make CrossFit Pawling the best place it can possibly be. But to be honest, I have a small role in that, its all of you that will make it the place others want to be a part of.

I am very excited to see what the next year will bring for CFP. Maybe we will have 1 less wall…who knows?!

Lastly, a quick shoutout to our OG members! A year later & we still have so many WBBC 016 Troopers as part of the EP Family- Daniella Ross, Lisa Riley McGee, Lena Hickey, Jenny O’Hara, Joann Bonavenia, Ellen and Jess Annunziata, Ann Molloy, Jen Gillotti, Peggy Maasz, Steve Malone, Carrie Eaton & Ann Marie Perucci! We have some kick @$$ roots!

-Coach Keith